Extending Our Partner Ecosystem

To All Expert Blockchain Companies, Who May Be Interested in Joining our Partner Pool…

Watch out Decentralized Finance, here comes Decentralized Partner Innovation (DEPI)!

The “Speed of Crypto” is honestly at a level none of us have seen before. Even though we employ a team with deep expertise across many cryptocurrency technologies and chains, no one organization (even one in 30+ countries) can hope to keep up with the fast-paced changes we’re experiencing.

Our business is literally on fire. We are finding more situations where we have to either scale beyond our current team to meet the needs, or augment our team with specific expertise we don’t already have.

To help us meet these needs, we have built a model (and invented yet another acronym!) to utilize experts as part of an expanded team of decentralized partners. DEPI will help us deliver world-class security capabilities and meet the ever-expanding needs of our global client base. These partner organizations and/or individual contributors are vetted and bring expertise or parallel/specific expertise to complement or enhance our abilities to help on these very specialized projects.

There are a lot of reasons that we chose to build a decentralized partner team.

First – we can’t be in every country and meet every employment obligation globally… It isn’t feasible and just doesn’t make sense. (Plus – I need to sleep every once in a while…)

Second – some of the best talent in the crypto market have done very well for themselves and do not work for ANYONE. But, while these people enjoy their independence, they also appreciate having access to a larger organization that can offer interesting and challenging projects. This becomes a win-win marriage for both parties – providing them stimulating engagements while enabling us to meet our client needs.

Third – We have high standards.  We never skimp on quality. Demand for our services outstrips supply, so we look to expand our resource pool rather than cut corners to save time and be able to deliver against the growing number of projects.  We verify that every partner member of this network has a high level of expertise and delivers top-of-the-line quality. In fact, we are so confident that we have done a good job screening these partners that any work that utilizes our partners is under contract with Kudelski, with the concomitant safeguards, Terms and Conditions, and logo.  So, anyone engaging our services gets the deep expertise and backing of Kudelski along with the latest in cross-pillar, highly focused expertise required in these fast-moving times.

“It’s hard to find a company that knows how to do this” is something I hear, LITERALLY, every day. I believe that this model will allow Kudelski Security to be the organization that knows how to deliver as well as having the capacity to do so.

Some of the partners that have agreed to add to their teams, or supply team members, to our pool of talent are:

  • BTBlock – End-to-end development and security services performed by world-renown experts
  • Providentia Worldwide – A new venture in technology and solutions consulting which bridges the gaps between Blockchain/Distributed Ledger, High Performance Computing, and Enterprise Hyperscale computing. We take the best practices from the most demanding compute environments in the world and apply those techniques and design patterns to your business.
  • Redpoint Security, Inc. – Application security consulting firm that is focused on all aspects of code security
  • Kryptus – With 17 years of history and headquarters in Campinas / SP, Kryptus S/A is a Brazilian independent company that has grown consistently for more than a decade, focusing on long-term scientific and technological actions, of understanding of the mission of its clients and in the lines of business that it develops. Kryptus has expertise in Cryptography and has manufactured their own custom line of HSM technology.

As we continue to grow and scale, we will continue to add to our pool of experts as needed.

Are you interested in joining our team or being a node in our decentralized pool of talent? Please contact me here!

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