WannaCry Ransomware Webcast

The number of individuals, organizations and countries affected by the WannaCry malware attack is growing at an alarming rate. After the initial infection is executed, no user intervention at all is required for the malware to spread. As this is one of the largest cybersecurity attacks in history, it's important that you have all the facts. … Continue reading WannaCry Ransomware Webcast

Heartbleed in a Nutshell

Since Monday, April 7, the Internet is being rocked by the news about Heartbleed (CVE_2014- 0160), a serious vulnerability in the popular OpenSSL crypto library. Our friends from Kudelski Security's advanced threat intelligence unit provided a quick and easy "Heartbleed in a Nutshell" infosheet (summarizing findings on the topic from open sources) on what this bug's discovery means for the … Continue reading Heartbleed in a Nutshell

The Great Firewall of China

A few weeks ago, we received a request to publish an article on behalf of an author residing in China. After review of its content, we are sharing these insights on the CyberSmashup blog. We hope you enjoy this post, learn something new about privacy and censorship, and if feeling compelled to respond or react, will … Continue reading The Great Firewall of China

Win a free ticket to Grehack-2013-hacking-conference

A proud sponsor of Grehack-2013-hacking-conference on November 15 in Grenoble, Kudelski Security is offering a FREE event entry to the company's Linked-in follower #999. Looking forward to name the winner!