Installing WireGuard, the Modern VPN

Co-authored by tmlxs and adr13n WireGuard is a network tunnel (VPN) for IPv4 and IPv6 that uses UDP.  Currently most of the code resides in the Linux kernel but cross platform implementations are under way. WireGuard features an authentication scheme similar to that of SSH, whereby the VPN server and each client have their own asymmetric key pair. Authorizing … Continue reading Installing WireGuard, the Modern VPN

Distributed Fingerprinting with Scannerl

Kudelski Security is proud to announce the open-source release of Scannerl, its distributed fingerprinting tool. Scannerl Scannerl is a modular, distributed fingerprinting engine implemented in Erlang. It is to fingerprinting what zmap is to port scanning. This tool enables easily distributed fingerprinting among a large number of hosts and circumvents limitations of scale and speed, which are the principle challenges of today’s fingerprinting … Continue reading Distributed Fingerprinting with Scannerl

Configuring YubiKey for GPG and U2F

Here is a little walkthrough on how to get started with the YubiKey and GPG. After following this guide you will have a secure setup using a YubiKey containing your GPG keys as well as an authentication key that could be used for SSH. Moreover the configured YubiKey will also be capable of U2F and managing a password store (for examples, … Continue reading Configuring YubiKey for GPG and U2F

Insomni’hack 2016: microwave writeup

This is a write-up for the microwave pwn of Insomni'hack CTF (first published on Following binaries were given: microwave_61f50dba931bb10ab3089215b2e188f4 Those are both available here The program The program simulates a microwave able to connect to twitter and tweets your favorite food. There are 4 options: Connect to Twitter account: asks for username and … Continue reading Insomni’hack 2016: microwave writeup

Getting started with Erlang

tl;dr; Here's a quick introduction to Erlang programming language as well as some basic examples to show you what it looks like and why you should try it ! Erlang I recently had to learn Erlang for a project with no prior knowledge of the language. In this blog post I'll describe some of my discoveries, the resources … Continue reading Getting started with Erlang

Knock knock. Who’s there? Not me.

tl;dr; Port scanning the entire IPv4 address space daily for months at a time generates a lot of very juicy data -- and more than a few administrative complains. However, the results of such an exercise are well worth the burden … read more to find out … While port-scanning a few hosts here and there with nmap can … Continue reading Knock knock. Who’s there? Not me.

31c3 – A New Dawn

Co-authored by meatwad and adr13n We attended the 31c3 — a New Dawn conference which took place in Hamburg, Germany from the 27th of December 2014 to the 30th of December 2014. The conference is still as underground as you expect it to be. A lot of hackerspaces, many 3d printers and an underground geeky atmosphere. … Continue reading 31c3 – A New Dawn