Back and forth till bitcoins

Recently we (Joël Conus, Martin Dion, and Patrick Hauert) took an active part in the event organized by CLUSIS (association suisse de la sécurité de l’information) hosted at Kudelski Security HQ in Cheseaux-sur-Lausanne. More than 90 information industry professionals anywhere from Geneva to Bern came to see the presentation “A view from Switzerland on Cyber Crime” and discuss the topic. Definitely, cyber crime issue no longer leaves companies, governments, nor us, cyber security professionals, indifferent. 

Let’s look at the picture of technology and IT security only some short 10 years back, at which time information security budgets and telecommunication were all the rage. Discussions on where to put the IT money or if the budget increase was needed at all were on the agenda of the CIOs. Today, the focus shifted to securing new technologies and having a dedicated cyber security team who apart from the technical aspect is also comfortable with the business side. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind today that IT security budgets are justified and have to be commensurable with the magnitude of cyber threats and risks of today AND tomorrow: hacking schemes, cyber espionage, hacktivism, attacks sponsored by governments and criminal rings.

In the course of the evening, we zoomed in on the world of parallel currencies, such as bitcoins, their function, trading, and mining.  The summary of the event does not do it justice, so we want to share some parts of the presentation. Enjoy the “View from Switzerland” and share your own from wherever you are (see our presentation below or on

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