Distributed Fingerprinting with Scannerl

Kudelski Security is proud to announce the open-source release of Scannerl, its distributed fingerprinting tool. Scannerl Scannerl is a modular, distributed fingerprinting engine implemented in Erlang. It is to fingerprinting what zmap is to port scanning. This tool enables easily distributed fingerprinting among a large number of hosts and circumvents limitations of scale and speed, which are the principle challenges of today’s fingerprinting … Continue reading Distributed Fingerprinting with Scannerl

Getting started with Erlang

tl;dr; Here's a quick introduction to Erlang programming language as well as some basic examples to show you what it looks like and why you should try it ! Erlang I recently had to learn Erlang for a project with no prior knowledge of the language. In this blog post I'll describe some of my discoveries, the resources … Continue reading Getting started with Erlang

Hacking Arista appliances for fun and profit

I have been playing a lot with Arista hardware lately, as we're mainly using their products in our data center's as Tor or Spine switches, but not only. We were already using a multi-layer switch (mls) the Arista 7150S-24 as an edge router . It's quite uncommon to have this device in such a place but we needed it in … Continue reading Hacking Arista appliances for fun and profit