Black Hat Europe 2018 Summary and Content

Thank you to everyone who attended our briefings and events this year at Black Hat EU. We had a great time meeting everyone and enjoyed all the conversations. Looking forward to continuing those conversations in the future.

The Kudelski Security Research Team had two briefings as well as a Community Break. I thought I’d take some time to summarize these and post the slides from our talks.  

Attacking and Defending Blockchains

JP Aumasson gave a briefing called Attacking and Defending Blockchains: From Horror Stories to Secure Wallets. In this talk, he went through an overview of the various technologies, discussed some spectacular failures, and talked about mitigation strategies. With blockchain being such a hotly discussed topic, it’s important that we keep security in mind when discussing this emerging technology. 

You can download the slides from JP’s talk below.

You can follow JP on twitter @veorq

Level Up Your Security Mindset

I gave a talk called Level Up Your Security Mindset. This talk was about the non-technical aspects of the challenges we face as a community. There is no shortage of technical issues we face, but solving future problems creates challenges that are social and political. I hope that we can stop thinking in terms of denying and saying no and start moving toward enablement. We as a community need to be part of the critical conversations of the future. 

This talk is meant to be the beginning of the conversation, not the end. I will most likely take some of the topics and create some blog posts out of them. You can download my slide deck below.

You can follow Nathan on Twitter @nathanhamiel

Agility in Security

Sometimes the best part of the conference is the conversations you have in the hallway with your peers, that is the spirit of the Community Break. These breaks are something new for Black Hat, and the intent is to create an atmosphere of discussion around a particular subject, smaller and more intimate than a full breifing. 

The breaks were a bit hard to find, they weren’t in the printed schedule but were on the app. There was also a sign outside the door denoting the schedule. That didn’t hurt their attendance though, since the various breaks I went to were all well attended. 

The subject of my Community Break was Agility in Security. These were conversations about how we handle the security challenges of modern environments. 

I enjoyed these conversations over coffee, and I hope that Black Hat expands them because I certainly see their value. 

Quantum Cyber Blockchains

As something fun, we did a limited run of our Quantum Cyber Blockchains badge ribbons and handed them out at our Beer and Blockchain social event. These ribbons added quantum and cyber protections to your badge! 

We’ll have something else fun for future events.

Once again, thank you to everyone that joined us, we’ll see you next time. 

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